As a result of the stress that comes with living conditions and the genetics of the food we eat, 90 people out of 100 are now sick. Some diseases reach the degree of surgery. In our time, this is starting to feel like a normal operation. Thanks to various developing treatment methods, the patient began to be treated in a way that he could go home on the evening of the operation. Especially with the developing laser technology, surgeries have started to be performed more painlessly and painlessly. Many diseases are foreseen and treated with the laser treatment system. The formation of kidney and urinary tract stones is a serious health problem. These stones, which reached large sizes, were treated with the surgical method. But now it is possible to dry the stones formed in the kidney and urinary tract with the Holmium laser treatment method. Our company Akyol Medikal, which is the leader among the companies selling holmium lasers, will provide you with the best devices. With high quality and guaranteed devices, you can provide professional support to your patients during their treatment processes.
Holmium Laser Working Principle
If you are one of the patients who need this treatment system or if your relatives have this disease, how is holmium treatment done? You may be looking for an answer to your question. Enucleation starting from 5 o'clock device is done from the bottom up to 3 o'clock. And it is combined with anterior enucleation coming from the top at 1 and 2 o'clock. And then the lobe is scraped from the capsule towards the bladder by means of holmium laser energy and sent to the bladder. This system, which is a completely non-surgical laser treatment, provides the best intervention to the patients. It is possible to get rid of growing kidney stones and urinary tract stones and prostate enlargement thanks to this application. You can apply this product to your patients by obtaining this product from our company, which is the leader among the companies selling Holmiun laser.
If you do not want surgical treatment for your growing stones and prostate enlargement, there is holmium laser treatment. Thanks to the laser, the stones are dried and the patients regain their health. With laser treatment, which is a special treatment method, patients regain their health without pain and without surgery. A completely hygienic process is performed without incisions. This shows how important the device is. As Akyol Medikal, we offer you professional devices at the best prices. You can contact us for detailed information.