Although the beginnings are difficult in general, Kanedyen, that is, armpit crutches, is a very important medical device for providing a much more comfortable walking after getting used to it. The purpose of use of canedes helps people who have difficulty in walking or after any surgery to provide a much more comfortable and trouble-free gait. In today's health field, it appears as devices that many people can apply for lower extremity injuries in the field of orthopedics.
The correct use of canedes can be very important. Many patients may have difficulties because they know how to use it. Accurately giving the size and weight of canedes are important considerations for a comfortable gait. For standard size sofa beds, the armpit should be 3 to 4 centimeters lower. The holding parts of the hand are located within the hip region. The most important feature that distinguishes the crutches from the canedians is the height of the crutches and the position of the poles to be slightly curved when standing upright.
Walking With a Canedien
It is preferred because it makes walking easier, facilitates the recovery process after surgery, and is much safer. There are some points to be considered while walking with Kanedyen. If we look at these issues;
• The cane is brought one step forward and the foot is at the level of the wand. In this case, the foot should not stand in front of the stick. With the weight given to the staff, the healthy foot should be thrown to the front.
• During the sitting process, it is necessary to take the crutches with one hand and get help from a place such as a chair.
• When climbing the stairs, the healthy leg should be thrown forward first. In cases of going down the stairs, the sick leg and the crutch should be brought to the fore first.
Apart from Canedian crutches, various medical devices such as a cane or walker can also help you walk. If you have any surgery in the hip or knee area, it may be healthier to use a walker. The use of walking sticks, on the other hand, is generally preferred for the elderly patients to balance their balance more easily.
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