Canedian walking stick is one of the most preferred walking sticks recently. The biggest advantage of this type of cane over regular canes is that it has a cuff for armrests. In this way, it also grasps the hand, wrist and forearm. It allows the patient to hold the cane much more comfortably. In this way, the patient can receive support in a much healthier way and walk much more easily.

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Canedian Walking Stick Prices
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Ankara Kanedyen Walking Stick
Ankara is a city where hospitals are very dense and its population is very high. There are many people from outside the city who come here to be examined. As a result, different types of walking sticks are being researched in Ankara. Our Akyol Medikal company serves the whole of Ankara. It meets the needs of both individual and corporate customers in Ankara. Our company is one of the companies specialized in this field. It is one of the most rooted medical companies in Ankara.