Lumenis VersaCut Doku Morselatorü

In today's medical world, the design of advanced devices in surgical operations provides fast and effective results. Especially advanced technologies make it easier to get the highest efficiency even in advanced prostate surgeries other than the holmium laser system. Lumenis VersaCut Tissue Morcellator is a portable and useful device that will provide fast and effective results in endoscopic surgeries. Especially in Holep applications, it ensures the removal of prostate tissue stuck in the bladder from the area.
The biggest functionality of the device is that it has a vacuum pump system. Very useful additional parts in the design of the device make it easier to address more than one area more comfortably. It is also quite cheap in terms of cost. The Lumenis VersaCut Tissue Morcellator device and the additional blade parts used with it are offered for sale by Akyol Medical Company, which actively provides its services in Ankara.

Precise texture adjustment is an important feature of the device as well as its portability in use. It has an increased sensitivity level and can be determined in a controlled way in order to ensure that the damaged tissue in the area is broken down and thrown out. Thanks to the special foot pedal, this process can be guided in a controlled way. It offers the opportunity of efficient and safe tissue shredding even at high pulse rate when desired. Thanks to its fast suction power, it becomes easier to break up and remove the tissue from the area. The Lumenis VersaCut Tissue Morcellator device, which can be easily preferred in comprehensive general clinical studies, is a special device designed for the Holep system.