Working element device is a technical device used to make very complex surgical operations uniform and perfect. It is especially used in urology surgeries. Today, with the development of technology, surgeries to critical points are offered with laser treatment. Working Element makes the operation process easier thanks to the feature it offers in surgical interventions to lasers. While facilitating rapid intervention with additional apparatus, it supports further reduction of the time to undergo surgery. It is a technical device used to provide both successful and satisfactory results in a short time. When the comfort of the device is combined with the area and technique it is used in, it should only be offered by a specialist physician. Considering the material structure, it also provides the opportunity to be used for many years thanks to its stainless steel feature.

It takes its place in the product category sold by Working Element Akyol medical company, which is frequently used by specialist physicians in urology surgeries. The difference in using it in harmony with technological devices is understood with the success in the treatment process. Different techniques are used to remove the damaged tissue in a certain area from the area. These techniques are combined in two different groups as bipolar and monopolar treatment types. When it comes to monopolar, it offers an area that can only be traded in one direction. On the other hand, it becomes more possible to make incisions from two different surfaces and to approach the capillary area in the tissue. With this technique, bleeding is further reduced.

Working Element working principle Instruments suitable for Bipolar and Monopolar structure are presented in two different forms. Monopolar Working Element supports the removal of the electrically activated area with the help of a wire ring in prostate treatments. Another name is Resectoscope Working Element. Perfection is presented in the work. It offers a telescope field of up to 30 degrees and 4 millimeters. It has a rotatable structure. It offers an improved structuring. Compared to the bipolar version, it supports heading to deeper areas and offers the ability to operate from two different directions. Akyol medical company, with its competent presence in this field, offers the sale and rental service of different types of Working Element devices from the Ankara region.