Thulep holep is a treatment option for men suffering from prostate enlargement (benign prostatic hyperplasia - BPH). This procedure aims to improve urine flow by removing excess tissue and tumors in the prostate gland with a laser. Thulep holep offers a less invasive approach compared to the traditional TURP (transurethral resection) method.

Benefits of Thulep Holep Procedure

Thulep holep process brings many advantages. First, this procedure is performed under local anesthesia, which is a less risky option compared to general anesthesia. Secondly, the Thulep holep process quickly improves urine flow and relieves symptoms. It was observed that patients had a more comfortable urination experience after the procedure. Additionally, the Thulep holep procedure reduces the risk of bleeding and helps patients have a faster recovery process.

Procedure and Healing Process

The Thulep holep procedure is usually performed in a hospital and usually requires an overnight hospital stay. During the procedure, excess tissue and tumors in the prostate gland are eliminated using laser energy. After the procedure, patients usually have a urinary catheter inserted for a few days and are advised to rest during this time. The healing process usually takes several weeks and it is important to follow the doctor's recommended instructions. Post-procedure checks are important for monitoring the patient's health.

Akyol Medikal-Thulep Holep

Akyol Medikal is a medical device supplier based in Ankara and offers Holmium Laser device for urological treatments such as Thulep and Holep. These devices are used effectively in the surgical treatment of conditions such as prostate enlargement. Additionally, among the services offered by Akyol Medikal, there are also options to purchase or rent these devices. Holmium laser device is designed for urological surgeries and is used in prostate enlargement, lithotripsy and endoscopic surgical procedures. These devices have modern technology and offer less blood loss and a faster recovery process during surgery. Among the products offered by Akyol Medikal are the Holmium Laser device and other urological lithotripsy equipment.


Thulep and Holep are effective methods for surgically treating urinary flow problems caused by prostate enlargement. Both methods are applied using modern surgical techniques and provide positive results to improve the quality of life of patients.