Protection shields have played an increasingly important role in our daily lives. Especially with the recent spread of epidemic diseases, it is clearly seen that these shields are needed to protect people's health.

What is Protection Shield?

A shield is a type of personal protective equipment used to help protect healthcare workers, patients, and others from infections. These shields are generally used for face protection and are usually made of plastic. During the COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare workers have used such shields to prevent transmission of the virus.

The main purpose of the medical protection shield is to protect the nose, mouth and eyes from infections. They are used by healthcare professionals who are in close contact with patients, especially during medical examinations and procedures.

Such shields provide an additional layer of protection alongside medical masks and can help reduce the transmission of viruses through the respiratory tract of healthcare workers.

Shields can often be disposable or disinfectable and are commonly used in healthcare facilities.

These shields can be used to protect against infections in other sectors as well as healthcare workers.

The Importance of Protection Shields

The importance of using protection shields is increasing day by day. Its primary purpose is to prevent infection and the spread of harmful substances. Especially during epidemic periods, protection shields are vital. These shields protect our health by preventing viruses, bacteria and other harmful substances from coming into contact with the body. At the same time, protective shields also play a vital role for at-risk professional groups such as healthcare workers. Therefore, the use of protection shields is of great importance to protect public health.

Choosing Protection Shield with Akyol Medikal

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Medical protection shields provide additional security to healthcare workers and those working in other sectors in terms of protection from infections. These shields help reduce the risk of infection during pandemic periods and in daily business life, while contributing to the safety of employees.