A patient walker is a medical aid specially designed for people who have difficulty walking due to any illness. These devices, also known as walker walkers in the medical sector, can facilitate the walking of patients, elderly or disabled individuals. In addition, there are different types as wheelless, 2-wheeled or 4-wheeled.
Patient Walker Models
Patient walker models generally serve for a single purpose, and there are many types in the market. In general, four-wheeled and seated models are one of the most preferred types. The wheel and seated walker model helps people to carry out the pushing and walking process more easily by holding the arms of the walker. Devices can be stopped easily with brakes instead of holding hands. Individuals using the devices can also rest by using the sitting part in case of fatigue.
The other patient walker model is without wheels. In this model, it is used with the help of people taking a step by lifting the walkers. The most important thing to consider when buying these models is that the devices are light. Patients should not have difficulty while standing up and taking a step.
Considerations When Buying a Patient Walker
If we look at the things to be considered while buying a patient walker, it should be evaluated depending on the age, physical activity and walking abilities of the people who will use the device. In this sense, if you do not have any information, you can choose our Akyol Medikal stores located in the Ankara region. Since our employees have a lot of knowledge on this subject, they will be able to guide you more effectively in getting a more accurate walker model.
Patient Walker Prices
Patient walkers are examined in two different types as adults with disabilities and children with disabilities. Apart from these two different walker types, there are also manual or motorized walker types among disabled walkers.
Disabled walker prices may vary depending on the device features, brand or equipment to be purchased. You can also contact us to get a price on patient walkers.