Although medicine is making progress day by day, it should be said that diseases have not completely disappeared. In particular, patients who are dependent on various products such as wheelchairs can have a lot of difficulties. Apart from this, the development of some medical products that reduce the problems of people may occur. The body of people who have to sit for a long time and who are tied to the bed can be damaged.
For this reason, the products that are specially produced for all patients can be very useful. With the purchase of medical mattresses for the use of patients, they can continue their lives much more comfortably. Thanks to the patient cushions, the irritations that may occur in the patients can also be eliminated. It can be among the products that prevent the irritation of the patients' body and are very suitable for both flexible and long-term use. Due to the fact that patients sit for long periods of time, the need for medical cushions may arise. If we look at the features of medical mattresses;
• Cushions are produced with a special substance.
• It is filled with air.
• Takes body shape when sitting.
Because of all these features, it can help patients to protect their bodies by preventing the pressures that may occur in the body thanks to the cushions. It can be suitable for people who stay in bed for quite a long time and need to use a wheelchair.
What is Medical Cushion?
People who have lost their ability to walk and need a wheelchair all day should sit. However, due to the pressures on the body, irritations may occur in the buttocks. Apart from this, pain may also occur in the lower back or coccyx regions. In this sense, people may wonder what medical mattresses are.
Relatives of patients seek various remedies to provide support to their loved ones. As one of these remedies, medical mattresses can be purchased. Cushions, which are used for the purpose of preventing the patients' body from being irritated, and which are in different types, can be called medical mattresses. These cushions, together with their ergonomic features, can support patients very well.
Thanks to our company Akyol Medikal, which is located in the Ankara region, you can find all types of medical mattresses.