Medical arm originals are a very effective and simple medical product. It generally consists of a very sturdy fabric or flexible vinyl worn on clothing, consisting of a pocket holding the lower arm and a strap for fixing the body. Bringing the arm or shoulder to a still position helps relieve some of the pain depending on the movement.
If the arm slings are worn correctly, they will help to limit the movements and help the muscles in and around the shoulder to become immobile. Even shoulder straps can help stabilize all other arm injuries. In any wrist sprain, it can be kept in a position close to the body in order to increase comfort and prevent further damage.
How is the Medical Arm Sling Attached?
In order to wear medical arm slings, you must first place the injured arm in the pocket to support the arm from the elbow to the wrist supports. The strap part of the sling is placed on the head and is supported on the opposite shoulder. Keep the arm close to the body, keeping the elbows bent at 90 degrees.
Why is the Medical Arm Sling Used?
Medical arm slings are one of the medical materials used to support faster healing of the arm and shoulder areas after any injury or surgery. In general, its purpose is to balance the area, to rest the injured part and to create limitation of movement. In this way, in case of any health problem, the arm or shoulder part can be fixed and it can support recovery much faster. Otherwise, with the continuous movement of the arm or shoulder part, the muscles or bone will not remain stable and the healing process will increase day by day.
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