Life Net Blood Pressure Monitor is one of the most widely used medical devices that help to measure blood pressure. The pressure exerted by the blood on the vessel wall is called blood pressure. Higher blood pressure than normal is called hypertension. It can generally be seen in older ages. This disease can also cause problems such as heart attack, cerebral hemorrhage or erectile dysfunction in the future.
What is Life Net Blood Pressure Monitor?
Life Net Blood Pressure Monitor is a medical instrument that helps to measure blood pressure. There can be different kinds of blood pressure monitors in air, mercury or electronic form. Although it is called a blood pressure device, it helps to measure blood pressure.
How to Use Life Net Blood Pressure Monitor?
If we look at the uses of Life Net Blood Pressure Monitor;
• First, the person should rest for 5 to 10 minutes to measure their blood pressure accurately.
• The person should sit comfortably and stand in a stable position.
• Watch or other jewelery on the body should be removed in order not to be affected by the result.
• In addition, during the measurement with the blood pressure monitor, the legs should not be crossed, but should be placed on a flat surface.
• The part called the cuff should be 2 to 3 centimeters above the left elbow and should be placed in a position where direct contact with the skin is made.
• The direction of the outlet pipe is in the same direction as the arm and hand directions.
• If the device is electronic, it should be opened, if it is air, it should be given air.
• In the case of measurement, the cuffs swell. It is left after a certain swelling.
With these procedures, blood pressure measurement is carried out successfully.
How to Make the Most Accurate Blood Pressure Measurement with Life Net Blood Pressure Monitor?
In order to measure accurately with the Life Net Blood Pressure Monitor, the patient should not speak, the foot should be on a flat surface, the back should be supported, the cuff should be measured at heart level and the arm should be supported. If there is any error, the blood pressure measurements will not be accurate.
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