Air patient beds are produced on behalf of patients who need to stay in the home or hospital for a very long time. The beds, which are being developed in accordance with the body types of the patients, are called air patient beds. Patients who need to lie down for a certain period of time choose products in this way so that there is no problem in the textural area of their body.
Patients sleeping in normal beds are produced in a special way in order to prevent the wounds that appear in their bodies. The prices of these beds, which are used to remove tissue damage, heal wounds and provide oxygen intake, may vary depending on different features.
Air Patient Bed Prices
Patients who are bedridden or people who are hospitalized for a much longer period after certain operations may cause damage to the tissues in the body. With the technological developments in the medical sector, it becomes possible to prevent such situations. Air mattresses can be specially produced in order to provide blood and oxygen within the patients' bodies.
Conditions such as injury or wear may occur on the tissues of people sleeping in normal beds. For this reason, air mattresses are generally preferred in order to provide both comfortable and healthy sleeping. Air patient beds are preferred in accordance with the needs and body type of the patients. The prices of the air patient beds are included as elements that vary depending on the bed characteristics.
Air Patient Bed Features
The most important elements of the air patient beds, which should definitely be used by patients with limited mobility, are the therapeutic features. It can help heal the wounds and bruises in the tissues that occur in the body due to lying down. This type of air hospital beds are adjusted to suit the body types of the users. It can contain various features for faster blood circulation. Although it works with the engine, it also does not produce any noise.
You can also find the types of air patient beds that can be placed in accordance with the patient in our Akyol Medikal facility, which provides service in Ankara.