Nebulizer can be defined as one of the medical devices used in the healthcare field. With this product, patients with asthma, people who are allergic to various substances, or individuals who have problems with their lungs, help them to use their medications more effectively. Liquid medicines are placed in the chamber located inside the product. Afterwards, the nebulizer is activated and this medicine is helped to evaporate. Patients use the drug with a deep breathing process.
The Direct Nexus Portable Mesh Nebulizer is among the highly preferred devices in respiratory tract infection treatments. It contributes to the more efficient use of drugs. Apart from this, with a thin mask inside the device, patients only breathe medicine without being affected by the outside air. This ensures that both the medication and the nebulizer device are used more effectively, and people experience the privilege of breathing much more comfortably with these products. Especially with these procedures, which are carried out before sleep, people can spend the night more comfortably. This multifunctional device can also be of great benefit in the home or hospital.
How to Use Direct Nexus Portable Mesh Nebulizer?
Before using the Direct Nexus Portable Mesh Nebulizer, it is necessary to get to know this machine first. In this way, you can use the drugs and the nebulizer more efficiently. Before using the nebulizer, hands should be washed thoroughly and then the upper part of the device should be removed and the medicine should be placed inside. In this sense, the amount of the drug is among the factors that should be considered very carefully. After the medication is placed in the chamber, the mouthpiece should be attached correctly and the nebulizer device should be fixed. The mouthpiece is located in the upper part of the device section. Then the nebulizer should be opened by connecting the tube between the device and the mask. After the mouthpiece is put on, patients should prevent all possibilities of air inflows from the sides of this apparatus. In addition, it should be given through the nose by breathing through the mouth. In this way, you can ensure correct use.
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