Biomedical can be defined as a technology that deals with the production of materials and devices used for therapeutic purposes in the field of medicine. It is the production of substances that can be used for various purposes in the health sector, especially with the use of biotechnology techniques. In short, the elements of biotechnology for health have started to show a rapid development within today's conditions in technology and science branches, which are making a lot of investment in the international sense.
One of the most important branches in biomedical technology can be said to be the production of materials for diagnoses and treatments. Various materials such as alloys, metals or carbon, mainly polymers, can be used for the construction of devices that are used for therapeutic purposes in many prosthetic constructions. One of the groups in the health sector can be said to be diagnostic kits.
It is possible to say that diagnostic kits, which are used in areas such as hospitals, universities, clinics, laboratories, take place as a very wide market.
What Does Bio Medical Do?
There is a lot of space in the biomedical field. It can also design computer software for the study of complex structures such as various three-dimensional x-ray machines according to this expertise and engineering status. Apart from this, statistics and mathematics are used to create models to understand the signals transmitted by the heart or brain. If we look at the duties of the biomedical field other than it has a very big responsibility;
• Working with medical scientists and chemists to research human or animal biological systems.
• Educating clinicians and others on the correct use of equipment
• Build electrical circuits to test drugs, design software or simulations that help medical equipment work
• Designing knees, hips or similar artificial body parts.
• To provide maintenance, installation rate and all technical support of biomedical equipment
• To ensure the development of all necessary materials for the purpose of making spare body parts.
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