The air device is a medical device that converts liquid drugs into steam. As you breathe in, the vapors of the drugs move into your lungs. The devices are generally connected to a machine that pushes air from the nebulizer. Air medications can help turn it into a vapor. It is also called respiratory treatments after the use of nebulizers.
Nebulizers are medical devices used for the purpose of giving another drug by converting drugs into an inhaled vapor. The nebulizer can be preferred for the treatment of chest tightness or various lung diseases.
How Does the Air Device Work?
Air devices work with the help of a solution to convert it into steam. In this way, it can also help the drugs to be inhaled much more easily. Air devices can work with the help of batteries or electricity. These drugs, which help them to be converted into steam with the help of the device, are given to the patients with a mask or mouthpiece depending on the needs of the patients. On average, it can be used between 5 and 15 minutes.
There are many air devices in the market. However, in general, compressed air and oxygen are preferred for the purpose of converting liquid drugs into gaseous form. Air devices, which appear as a fairly new technology, are not preferred much outside of hospitals. Apart from that, it can be both small and very easy to use.
When it is necessary to use air devices, liquid must be added inside the device. It is an important factor to breathe only with the mouth during the usage period. In order to provide these, nose clips should also be used in addition to the air device. In addition to the use of very simple mouthpieces in general, filling masks can also be used for children.
Why Are Air Devices Used?
Air devices are generally used for asthma medications of infants or young children suffering from asthma. Apart from this, it can be used quite frequently for respiratory diseases such as COPD.
Air devices are among the medical products that are of great importance today. For your air device needs, you can visit our Akyol Medikal company located in the Ankara region.