Acupulse 40WG CO2 Laser

Acupulse 40WG CO2 laser system is a device that facilitates easy access even to sensitive areas. Being compatible with today's technology, supporting fiber infrastructure ensures high efficiency in all areas where it is needed. The target light at the fiber output can be easily controlled and maintained. In use, its design is quite advanced and functional. All accessories can be used in harmony with multiple handpieces. This offers a wider and more diverse efficiency during application.
It offers high transmission opportunity in fiber technology. Up to 2 meters long laser fiber feature can be used. It is durable for many years of use. While the usage process continues, it is possible to switch to different modes. It has a fiber-reinforced arm area, an air cleaning system and an optional compressed air support area.

The Acupulse 40WG CO2 device feature provides the most appropriate standard of transportation for the targeted tissue piece. Its sensitivity is high. With its high mobility and ability to control the optimum energy level, it turns the process into a positive one with short-term surgeries. It makes surgical operations easier and more convenient. In addition to being easy to use, the cost is also very low. Purchasing service can be completed through Akyol medical company, which actively offers its services in Ankara.
The fiber feature of the device makes it possible to increase the spot size with the tissue approach in laser applications during surgery. In this way, shredding processes are completed more easily and reliably. The updraft of the fiber increases the magnification in spot size while reducing the density in power. Exactly this functional feature can be used to stop bleeding in surgeries.